2021/2022 Winners

We are pleased to announce the 2021-2022 Science Fair winners:

First Place Winner:

Jainil Trivedi – Portable, Low Cost Water Purification system using UV LED Lights

Second Place Winner:

Holden Knipmeyer – Can A Wood Roof Be Made Wildfire Safe?

Third Place Winner:

Renzo Magna – How Do YOU Build the Strongest Electromagnet?
Honorable Mention:
Madeline Tran – Fermentation Frenzy


Jordon Lee – Fricticon
Vanshika Mishra – The Disappearing Act
Pragnay Agrawal – The Balloon Race
Ashveer Grewal – Learning about Light
Dominic Nijjar – The Effect of Different Materials on Wifi Signal Strength
Neharika Rajesh – What should you drink?
Ashwin Shekhar – Maximizing Solar Power
Shohom Mukhopadhyay – EnginAIRing New Ways to Travel
Faith Gironella – Effects of Household Products on Softening Hard Water
Taylor Mok – Warm and Cold Colors

A big Thank You to our Science Alliance advisors:

Minu Basu
Shirley Darroch
Karen Dennis
Bryan Jensen
Matthew Robison
Oliver Tuggle

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