UPDATE: DonorsChoose ( announced that all donations on November 28th (Giving Tuesday) will be matched by at least 2:1.  SRVEF plans to fund as many grants that fit our criteria as possible on November 28. All SRVEF Grant eligibility criteria listed below remain as previously shared. 

SRVUSD educators are encouraged to submit grants before November 22 to ensure DonorsChoose can review and post your new grants by Tuesday, November 28. While SRVEF may not be in a position to fund these grants, let your family and friends know about this opportunity – your grant may be funded, even if not by SRVEF.

SRVEF and Endowment Committee “Teacher Grants” window opens September 15, 2023

The San Ramon Valley Education Foundation (SRVEF) and The Endowment Committee in partnership with DonorsChoose are pleased to announce that the 2023 Teacher Grant Program will open at midnight on September 15, 2023.

DonorsChoose is a nonprofit organization that connects public school educators in need of classroom materials and experiences with donors from throughout the country who want to help.

In order to encourage teachers to continue to apply and seek funding from all sources, we will not close the grant window until all eligible grants are funded or our funding is exhausted. SRVEF will begin reviewing Grants as soon as they are posted to DonorsChoose and will fund as many grants as funding allows. If matching funds become available from a DonorsChoose partner SRVEF may choose to fund those grants earlier to take advantage of matching funds.

SRVEF’s goal is to see as many grants funded through as many sources as possible during the grant window.

While teachers may submit multiple grant requests through DonorsChoose, SRVEF’s policy is to generally fund no more than one grant per teacher. However, submitting more than one grant may lead to a higher probability of funding by DonorsChoose partners as well as SRVEF. If you have more than one great idea, submitting multiple grants is encouraged!

Posting an eligible project does not guarantee funding.

To get started, read through the Grant Criteria and Selection Information below to ensure your project is eligible for this offer. Then visit to start your project today.

Grant Criteria: 

  • You must be:
    • A certified PreK-12 public school teacher.
    • Employed by San Ramon Valley Unified School District (SRVUSD).
    • If you team/co-teach or have questions about whether you qualify to submit a grant, please contact [email protected]

DonorsChoose definition of eligibility:

  • You work in an eligible school. (All of our SRVUSD schools are eligible)
  • You’re employed full-time (or considered at least 0.75 FTE) by a public school, public charter school, or the Office of Head Start.
  • You’re a front-line educator or other faculty member whose main responsibility is to directly teach or counsel students: Front-line educators and other faculty can include (but aren’t limited to): classroom teachers, subject-area teachers, librarians, therapists, counselors, school nurses, etc.
  • You’re in charge of creating your own lesson plans (or equivalent in a non-classroom role), and not primarily assisting another lead teacher.
  • Grant must not exceed $600 including taxes, shipping, fees, and the suggested donation to support DonorsChoose (TOTAL PROJECT GOAL).
  • Grant must be reviewed and approved by your site administrator before being submitted.
  • Must be submitted no sooner than September 15, 2023. (Posting soon after the grant window opens increases chances of being fully funded from other external sources!)

Selection Information:

Teachers may submit grants in any area they choose, however SRVEF will not be funding grants in projects that request:

  • Technology, including iPads, Chromebooks, computers, software.  If other technology is being requested, consult the school district’s policies related to classroom technology, prior to making a funding request. Go to SRVUSD School Ordering Guide website  (District Credentials required)
  • Professional Development
  • Field Trips

Other Information

  • Teachers are welcome to submit multiple grants. While SRVEF typically only funds one grant per teacher, many grants receive funding from other donors.
  • Teachers are encouraged to notify their School Ed Funds of all grants submitted.  Many School Ed Funds also fund Teacher Grants through DonorsChoose..
  • The SRVEF Endowment Committee may give additional consideration to long-term, innovative projects in K-8 Vocal and Instrumental Music and K-12 Science.
  • Teachers who order 10+ books of the same title must have Board approval for curriculum materials. (Check with Educational Services for the approved list and approval process.)
  • Teachers will be notified immediately when their grant is funded.
  • DonorsChoose will ship approved grant materials to the school. (no need to complete a purchase order)

Important Dates:

Friday, September 15, 2023

  • Teachers may begin submitting projects on Friday, September 15, 2023.  Note: Begin your submission early as grant content and purchases must be approved through DonorsChoose before you may completely submit.
  • If a DonorsChoose Partner is offering a match, SRVEF may choose to fund that grant immediately

The DonorsChoose outreach slides (in the link below) provides an overview of their organization, as well as a step-by-step look at submitting a project.
See these FAQs for additional information

For more information, email [email protected]

SRVEF Announces 2022 Grant Awards

The San Ramon Valley Education Foundation (SRVEF) is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2022 Teacher Grants. Once again, SRVEF partnered with  As a result of matching funds and external donations, SRVEF funded ALL ELIGIBLE grants.

This year, SRVEF has awarded 151 grants totaling $34,456.12, including 24 music and science grants funded by the SRVEF Endowment Committee.

Because of a generous match from an anonymous donor, we were able to expand our eligibility requirements, funding grants that were submitted as early as August 1st and as recent as November 28, 2022. 33 schools had one or more grants funded by SRVEF.  125 Teachers had at least one grant funded, while some were funded multiple times.

The SRVEF Grant Program is funded primarily through proceeds from the Run for Education and the Auction for Education.  The Endowment Grant Program is funded through our annual donation drive and annual recognition lunch, Celebrate Innovation in Education.

Unfunded teacher grants will remain active on the DonorsChoose website for approximately two more months during which time the grants may continue to receive external funding, including funding from individual and corporate donors, and matching fund donors. If a grant is not fully funded by the expiration date, any external money pledged is returned to the donor.  Grants that still require funding may be reviewed by clicking here.  

All funded SRVUSD Grants may be reviewed on the Site are available by clicking here.

Please see the list below for the 2022 recipients. Any questions may be directed to [email protected].

SchoolTeacherGrant Title
Alamo ElementaryMs. SicatStudying & Creating Art in TK*
Alamo ElementaryMr. Ridley3D Printing Maker projects for future engineers !!!*
Alamo ElementaryMs. FettigMaking Music in 3rd Grade!*
Alamo ElementaryMs. MayerBooks for Beginning Readers
Alamo ElementaryMrs. ClearyLight Exploration
Alamo ElementaryMrs. ByersEmergency Evacuation of Student Medication
Alamo ElementaryMs. SicatLearning & Playing in TK!
Alamo ElementaryMs. O’TooleFourth Grade Forays Into Figuring Out the World Around Us.
Alamo ElementaryMs. GaabLab Supplies for Elementary Scientists
Alamo ElementaryMs. BohannanMoving and Playing in Kindergarten!
Alamo ElementaryMs. SummersEducational Materials from TPT for 2nd Graders!
Alamo ElementaryMs. PavonHigh Quality Teacher Created Materials for 3rd Graders!
Alamo ElementaryMs. MayerTeacher Created Educational Materials for 1st Graders!
Alamo ElementaryMrs. HennonDeepening Student Learning with Teacher Created Materials
Alamo ElementaryMs. H.Academic Support From Teachers Pay Teachers!
Alamo ElementaryMs. FettigQuality Educational Materials for 2nd Graders!
Alamo ElementaryMs. BarfodTeachers Pay Teachers Gift Card
Alamo ElementaryMs. AngeletopoulosQuality Academic Materials for 5th Graders!
Bella Vista ElementaryMs. ArmasMeet Me on the Carpet!
Bella Vista ElementaryMrs. RizzoChess Club
Bella Vista ElementaryMrs. RizzoTeachers Support Teachers
Bella Vista ElementaryMrs. RizzoIn Need of a Gathering Place!
Bella Vista ElementaryMrs. Johnson3rd Grade is Lit!
Bella Vista ElementaryMs. FlournoyBring Art to Ms. Flournoy’s 4th Grade Class
Bella Vista ElementaryMrs. SinghCollaborate and Create
Bella Vista ElementaryMrs. LuxDiverse Books for the Classroom
Bella Vista ElementaryMrs. KimCleaner Air and Comfy Seats Equal  a Pleasant Learning Environment!
Bella Vista ElementaryMrs. CMagnificent Magna-Tiles
Bella Vista ElementaryMrs. KimUnderstanding History Through the Characters’ Eyes in Historical Fiction Books
Bollinger Canyon ElementaryMrs. HanA Welcoming Classroom for All
California HighMrs. ParsonsArt Forms in Nature: Exploring Color*
California HighMs. Teslich HaaversonSeating for Learning and Health
California HighMs. HannaFun Furniture
Charlotte Wood MiddleMrs. PhillipsSpeaking and Listening to Create Digital Art*
Charlotte Wood MiddleMs. HooverAccessorize Our Instruments!*
Charlotte Wood MiddleMrs. PhillipsCool Class Creations to Craftmanship with a Cricut
Charlotte Wood MiddleMs. JonesGraphic Novels Are Great
Charlotte Wood MiddleMs. GuevaraGrowing to Love Reading Starts with Great Books
Charlotte Wood MiddleMrs. MockCalling All Book Lovers
Charlotte Wood MiddleMs. JonesBasic Supplies with a Big Purpose
Country Club ElementaryMrs. WebsterSTEAM Deep Learning and Innovation*
Country Club ElementaryMs. SaidianCountry Club Communicators!
Country Club ElementaryMrs. YoungLight Up Our Learning and Imagination
Country Club ElementaryMrs. TooliatosThe Power of Purposeful Play
Country Club ElementaryMrs. HomenDramatic Play Is Magic!
Country Club ElementaryMs. EllmanCollaboration Is Magnetic!
Country Club ElementaryMrs. FisherSupporting our Learning through Brainpop
Country Club ElementaryDr. YeomanC Pens for Creative Kids!
Del AmigoMs. PalumboPlant Library
Diablo Vista MiddleMs. DowdMakerspace in a 21st Century Library*
Diablo Vista MiddleMrs. EdingtonTaiko in the Music Room!*
Diablo Vista MiddleMrs. MoenLabs for Learning
Diablo Vista MiddleMrs. Wildy3D – Print it, Hold it, Use it!
Diablo Vista MiddleMrs. CarrascoYearbook Class Needs a Printer
Dougherty Valley HighMrs. BasuClimate Sensors for Citizen Scientists*
Dougherty Valley HighMrs. BasuWonders of Digital Microscopy!*
Dougherty Valley HighMs. AltmanMove to the Beat*
Dougherty Valley HighMrs. WarrierBuilding Community  through Shared Fun!
Dougherty Valley HighMrs. TuohyBringing Creativity Outdoors
Dougherty Valley HighMrs. SolimanSavvy Students Seeking Emotional and Physiological Wellbeing
Gale Ranch MiddleMr. JohnsonIndoor Hockey FUN
Gale Ranch MiddleMs. SoumyaYour Help Matters
Gale Ranch MiddleMs. DoranNarrative Nonfiction Book Clubs
Golden View ElementaryMs. OgdenBee-Bots Exciting Labs!
Golden View ElementaryMs. ZakiaMaking Sense of Sensory Needs!
Golden View ElementaryMrs. FabroHelp Students Grow and Learn Through Dramatic Play!
Golden View ElementaryMrs. MorrisLooking Back to Look Forward
Golden View ElementaryMs. WrightInclusive TKers Have Fun!!
Golden View ElementaryMrs. MorrisReady, Set, Focus!
Greenbrook ElementaryMrs. JasminePretend Play to Build Speech and Language Skills
Greenbrook ElementaryMrs. BassPre-K Classroom Fun
Greenbrook ElementaryMrs. DasaniDyslexia Learning
Greenbrook ElementaryMs. KirstenKaboom! – Let’s Make Speech Fun & Motivating!
Greenbrook ElementaryMrs. BassSensory FUN in Pre-K!
Greenbrook ElementaryMs. RainePreschoolers Play Their Way to Strong Fine Motor Skills
Greenbrook ElementaryMrs. R.Indoor Recess Blues? No, We Got This!
Greenbrook ElementaryMs. NikkiSpecial Education Pre-K Fun!
Greenbrook ElementaryMrs. JasmineToys & Manipulatives to Support Communication
Greenbrook ElementaryMrs. JasmineCommunication Materials from Teachers Pay Teachers
Hidden Hills ElementaryMs. OcampoSeeing Myself In Our Classroom Library!
Hidden Hills ElementaryMrs. MontagReaching Readers With Graphic Novels
Hidden Hills ElementaryMrs. MontagSupporting Classroom Jobs!
Hidden Hills ElementaryMs. FredricksonStrength Lies in Our Differences – Representation Matters!
Iron Horse MiddleMrs. MartinMakerspace for a 21st Century Library!*
Iron Horse MiddleMs. GrangerNew Books for a New Year!
Iron Horse MiddleMrs. LoweDesks on Demand!
Iron Horse MiddleMs. RainesHear Our Voices!
Iron Horse MiddleMs. GrangerBooks Galore!
John Baldwin ElementaryMr. LivotiMusic Supplies for JB*
John Baldwin ElementaryMr. LivotiMusic at Montevideo*
John Baldwin ElementaryMrs. DiGiovanniFlex Seating for our Classroom
John Baldwin ElementaryMrs. DiGiovanniWiggle, Flex, and Listen Up!
John Baldwin ElementaryMrs. KolokithasArt supplies are needed to help express our imagination
Live Oak ElementaryMs. SandraAdaptive Art Center for Special Needs Preschool
Live Oak ElementaryTeacher LiddlePlease Help Our Little Ones!
Live Oak ElementaryMrs. HowardGrowing Gardens & Growing Minds
Los Cerros MiddleMs. LuuBuilding Bonds!*
Los Cerros MiddleMrs. GaribayMore Books = Happy Students
Los Cerros MiddleMrs. GaribayClassroom Refresh and Coloring Supplies
Montair ElementaryMrs. FitzgeraldScholastic News? Yes, Please!
Montair ElementaryMs. MartinPrivacy for Progress
Montair ElementaryMs. FischerScience of Reading Resources to Develop Rockstar Readers
Montair ElementaryMrs. AdasEngaging Students with BrainPOP
Monte Vista HighMr. Cloyd“Cymbal” of success*
Montevideo ElementaryMrs. PruittChoice Time STEAM & Art Creations*
Montevideo ElementaryMrs. HaydenDeeper Learning About Animals*
Montevideo ElementaryMrs. ChamberlinSTEM Exploration for K-5 Scientists*
Montevideo ElementaryMrs. BondLearning Accessories for Light Table
Montevideo ElementaryMrs. LemmonPowering Up My Classroom Library
Montevideo ElementaryMrs. HaydenSocial Skills, Friendship and Emotions
Neil Armstrong ElementaryMs. KhouryWelcoming and Flexible Resource Classroom
Neil Armstrong ElementaryMrs. CogornoFlexible Seating to Engage All Learners
Quail Run ElementaryMs. CBins, Caddies, & Boxes, Oh My!
Quail Run ElementaryMs. UrquhartA Diverse and Wonderful Library
Quail Run ElementaryMrs. JainDiverse Books and Prize Box Additions
Quail Run ElementaryMrs. SchreiberOrganization Station!
Quail Run ElementaryMrs. SealockTime to design and personalize
Quail Run ElementaryMs. FlenarChinese Culture Enrichment Opportunity
Rancho Romero ElementaryMs. SmithSay “Hi (to) Ya” Because Recorders Are Back!*
Rancho Romero ElementaryMr. HicksMaking Math Fun!
Rancho Romero ElementaryMrs. AlmsPromoting Financial Literacy and Positive Behavior With a Classroom Store
Rancho Romero ElementaryMs. RaneyStimulating Creativity through Art
San Ramon Valley HighMr. WilliamsGlaze Stocking*
Stone Valley MiddleMrs. VolenecNew Books Display
Stone Valley MiddleMrs. VolenecMore Social Justice Books Please
Stone Valley MiddleMs. StodolaHistorical Fiction and Snacks for Inquisitive 8th-Grade Learners
Stone Valley MiddleMs. MehtaDevelop Reading Comprehension Skills Through High-Interest Nonfiction Books
Stone Valley MiddleMs. KimRead, Share, and Collaborate in our Classroom Library
Sycamore ElementaryMs. BenzFirst Grade Full of STEAM
Sycamore ElementaryMrs. CrosthwaitSteam supplies for learning Engagement
Sycamore Valley ElementaryMrs. CrosthwaitSocial Emotional Learning Through Journaling
Tassajara Hills ElementaryMs. HunterBooks That Students Can See Themselves In
Twin Creeks ElementaryMrs. WilmottWith Books We Discover
Twin Creeks ElementaryMs. BaronBook Clubs!
Twin Creeks ElementaryMrs. BergRegulate Emotions in the Calming Corner
Twin Creeks ElementaryMrs. ClearyTime to Explore
Twin Creeks ElementaryMrs. ClearyTK Supplies
Twin Creeks ElementaryMs. McQuistonSupplies for Super Students!
Vista Grande ElementaryMrs. EstradaToys for TK Hands
Vista Grande ElementaryMrs. N HildebrandPersonal Empowerment Through Flexible Seating Choices
Walt Disney ElementaryMrs. FrankLeveled Library Books!
Walt Disney ElementaryMrs. JenkinsSpreading Holiday Cheer
Walt Disney ElementaryMrs. FrankLearning Empathy and Compassion with Books and Art
Walt Disney ElementaryMrs. MatkinsBuilding and Reading
Walt Disney ElementaryMs. SaxerFlexible Seating for All
Walt Disney ElementaryMr. KyriacouGet the Ball Rolling in PE!
Walt Disney ElementaryMrs. FrankFlexible Seating for All!
Windemere Ranch MiddleMr. Patel3D Printing Fun and Learning!*
Windemere Ranch MiddleMs. GarrahanComfy Corner to Read
Windemere Ranch MiddleMrs. NguyenMaking History Come Alive Through Books
Windemere Ranch MiddleMs. GarrahanWhat’s your Genre

Note: Grants with an ( * ) were funded by the SRVEF Endowment Committee.