SRVEF and Endowment Committee “Teacher Grants” window opens October 1, 2022

The San Ramon Valley Education Foundation (SRVEF) and The Endowment Committee in partnership with DonorsChoose are pleased to announce that the 2022 Teacher Grant Program will open at midnight on October 1, 2022.

DonorsChoose is a nonprofit organization that connects public school educators in need of classroom materials and experiences with donors from throughout the country who want to help.

In order to encourage teachers to continue to apply and seek funding from all sources, we will not close the grant window until all eligible grants are funded or our funding is exhausted. SRVEF will begin reviewing Grants on November 1st and will attempt to fund as many grants as funding allows. If matching funds become available from a DonorsChoose partner before November 1, 2022, SRVEF may choose to fund some grants early to take advantage of matching funds.

SRVEF’s goal is to see as many grants funded through as many sources as possible during the grant window.

While teachers may submit multiple grant requests through DonorsChoose, SRVEF’s policy is to generally fund no more than one grant per teacher. However, submitting more than one grant may lead to a higher probability of funding by DonorsChoose partners as well as SRVEF. If you have more than one great idea, submitting multiple grants is encouraged!

Posting an eligible project does not guarantee funding.

To get started, read through the Grant Criteria and Selection Information below to ensure your project is eligible for this offer. Then visit to start your project today.

Grant Criteria: 

  • You must be:
    • A certified PreK-12 public school teacher.
    • Employed by San Ramon Valley Unified School District (SRVUSD).
    • If you team/co-teach or have questions about whether you qualify to submit a grant, please contact [email protected]

DonorsChoose definition of eligibility:

  • You work in an eligible school. (All of our SRVUSD schools are eligible)
  • You’re employed full-time (or considered at least 0.75 FTE) by a public school, public charter school, or the Office of Head Start.
  • You’re a front-line educator or other faculty member whose main responsibility is to directly teach or counsel students: Front-line educators and other faculty can include (but aren’t limited to): classroom teachers, subject-area teachers, librarians, therapists, counselors, school nurses, etc.
  • You’re in charge of creating your own lesson plans (or equivalent in a non-classroom role), and not primarily assisting another lead teacher.
  • Grant must not exceed $600 including taxes, shipping, fees, and the suggested donation to support DonorsChoose (TOTAL PROJECT GOAL).
  • Grant must be reviewed and approved by your site administrator before being submitted.
  • Must be submitted no sooner than October 1, 2022. (Posting early in October increases chances of being fully funded from other external sources!)

Selection Information:

Teachers may submit grants in any area they choose, however SRVEF will not be funding grants in projects that request:

  • Technology, including iPads, Chromebooks, computers, software.  If other technology is being requested, consult the school district’s policies related to classroom technology, prior to making a funding request. Go to SRVUSD School Ordering Guide website  (District Credentials required)
  • Professional Development
  • Field Trips

Other Information

  • Teachers are welcome to submit multiple grants. While SRVEF typically only funds one grant per teacher, many grants receive funding from other donors.
  • Teachers are encouraged to notify their School Ed Funds of all grants submitted.  Many School Ed Funds also fund Teacher Grants through DonorsChoose..
  • The SRVEF Endowment Committee may give additional consideration to long-term, innovative projects in K-8 Vocal and Instrumental Music and K-12 Science.
  • Teachers who order 10+ books of the same title must have Board approval for curriculum materials. (Check with Educational Services for the approved list and approval process.)
  • Teachers will be notified immediately when their grant is funded.
  • DonorsChoose will ship approved grant materials to the school. (no need to complete a purchase order)

Important Dates:

Saturday, October 1st, 2022

  • Teachers may begin submitting projects on Saturday, October 1st, 2022.  Note: Begin your submission early in October as grant content and purchases must be approved through DonorsChoose before you may completely submit.
  • If a DonorsChoose Partner is offering a match, SRVEF may choose to fund that grant immediately.

Monday, November 1st, 2022

  • The SRVEF window closes.  SRVEF will review all unfunded eligible Grants.

In 2021 SRVEF awarded 90 grants totaling $30,756, including 20 music and science grants funded by the SRVEF Endowment Committee.

The SRVEF Grant Program is funded primarily through proceeds from the Run for Education and the Auction for Education.  The Endowment Grant Program is funded through our annual donation drive and annual recognition dinner, Celebrate Innovation in Education.

Unfunded teacher grants will remain active on the website for approximately two more months during which time the grants may continue to receive external funding, including funding from individual and corporate donors, and matching fund donors. If a grant is not fully funded by the expiration date, any external money pledged is returned to the donor.  Grants that still require funding may be reviewed by clicking here.

Please see the list below for results. Any questions may be directed to [email protected].

A Home for Our Books, Ms. Jones, Charlotte Wood Middle School
All Hands on Deck! Morning Bins Build Community!, Mrs. Alms, Rancho Romero Elementary School
All the Book Series, Ms. Williamson, Bollinger Canyon Elementary School
Are Your Ears in Tune Yet?? (E), Ms. Bertolero, Coyote Creek Elementary School
Asian-American Experience in WWII America, Ms. Lempesis, Stone Valley Middle School
Atlas – Shrug? A Tech-Free Way to teach Geography!, Mrs. C., Rancho Romero Elementary School
Biographies Inspire Us to Change the World!, Ms. Louda, Quail Run Elementary School
BIPOC scripts need for Theatre Arts students, Ms. Woods, California High School
Books are fun!, Mrs. Jain, Quail Run Elementary School
Books in a Vast Array of Perspectives, Mrs. Kim, Bella Vista Elementary
Books That Embrace All Genders, Families, and Feelings, Mrs. Frank, Walt Disney Elementary School
Books that Teach and Inspire New Readers, Ms. Mayer, Alamo Elementary School
Books, Books, and More Books!, Ms. Granger, Iron Horse Middle School
Books, Books, Books, Ms. Saxer, Walt Disney Elementary School
Bring History To Life With Narrative Non-Fiction, Ms. Doran, Stone Valley Middle School
Bringing Wildlife to the Classroom with Sulphur Creek (E), Mrs. Chamberlin, Montevideo Elementary School
Build It (E), Mrs. Schaad, Bollinger Canyon Elementary School
Building Our Classroom Library, Ms. Baron, Twin Creeks Elementary School
Can You Hear Me Now? (E), Ms. C, Quail Run Elementary School
Carter’s Circuit Project (E), Ms. Carter, Los Cerros Middle School
Classroom Chromebook, Mrs. Theresa Pacheco, California High School
Color Our World (E), Ms. King, Country Club Elementary School
Creating Scientists (E), Ms. Garnett, Coyote Creek Elementary School
Creative and Fun Ideas, Mrs. Dasani, Greenbrook Elementary School
Creative Learning Opportunities, Mrs. Matkins, Walt Disney Elementary School
Creativity, Collaboration, and Kindness – STEM and Community (E), Mrs. Dobberpuhl, Bollinger Canyon Elementary School
Cricut Crafting to Promote Literacy (E), Mrs. Orozco, San Ramon Valley High School
Cycling for Success, Mr. Briemle, Stone Valley Middle School
Dazzling Displays on Deck, Ms. Garrahan, Windemere Ranch Middle School
Diverse and Exciting Books for Curious 5th Graders, Mrs. Wilson, Alamo Elementary School
Diverse Character Books, Ms. Fettig, Alamo Elementary School
Engaging Books for Striving Readers, Teacher Dougherty, Gale Ranch Middle School
Engaging Teen Readers, Mr. Johnson, San Ramon Valley High School
Engineer It!, Ms. Ogden, Golden View Elementary
Enriching Books to help Support our Classroom Library, Mrs. Oh, Walt Disney Elementary School
Exciting Titles for Reengaging Readers, Mrs. Rossi, San Ramon Valley High School
Feed Prospering Minds with Snacks and Supplies, Ms. Mazotti, Los Cerros Middle School
Growing as Learners in 2nd Grade! (E), Mrs. Han, Bollinger Canyon Elementary School
Healing Through Art!, Ms. Rachel Lee, Del Amigo High School
High Interest and Leveled Books!, Mrs. Singh, Bella Vista Elementary
High Interest Books to Ignite Reading!, Mrs. Frank, Walt Disney Elementary School
High Interest Classroom Library Books Make Reading Fun!, Mrs. Frank, Walt Disney Elementary School
Historical Fiction for Inquisitive 8th Graders, Mr. Crouch, Stone Valley Middle School
Imagining and Building in the New Year, Mrs. Hayden, Montevideo Elementary School
Inspiration Through Art! (E), Mr. Jordan, Iron Horse Middle School
Intensive SDC Class in Need of Light Table, Ms. Mimi, Bollinger Canyon Elementary School
Keeping Us Going with TPT, Ms. Martin, Montair Elementary School
Learning and Making in and Out Doors, Ms. Flenar, Quail Run Elementary School
Learning Through Play Is the TK Way!, Mrs. Calvert, Quail Run Elementary School
Let the Coding Begin! (E), Mrs. Angeles, Quail Run Elementary School
Let’s Bond Over Bocce!, Mr. Struempf, Green Valley Elementary School
Let’s Get Organized!, Mrs. Sealock, Quail Run Elementary School
Let’s Go Ride a Bike!, Ms. Draper, Stone Valley Middle School
Let’s Spruce Up the Classroom Library, Ms. Cox, Rancho Romero Elementary School
Leveled Book Sets, Mrs. Eisan, Neil Armstrong Elementary School
Leveling Up Our Library, Mrs. Cogorno, Neil Armstrong Elementary School
Literary Jenga Learning Fun, Ms. Teslich Haaverson, California High School
Makerspace in the Making (E), Ms. Dowd, Diablo Vista Middle School
Making Learning Fun in  Special Education Pre-K, Mrs. Bass, Greenbrook Elementary School
Manga Madness, Ms. Garrahan, Windemere Ranch Middle School
Math Made Fun, Mrs. Hayden, Montevideo Elementary School
Math Manipulatives for Intervention Students (E), Mrs. Campbell, Rancho Romero Elementary School
Medieval History Comes Alive Using VR!, Mrs. Mock, Charlotte Wood Middle School
More Robot Parts, More Learning (E), Mr. Patel, Windemere Ranch Middle School
Mrs. DiGi’s Art Inspiration Round Up, Mrs. DiGiovanni, Walt Disney Elementary School
Music in the Dojo (E), Ms. Smith, Montair Elementary School
Narrative Non-Fiction for Exploring History, Ms. Mehta, Stone Valley Middle School
Novels In Verse + 8th Graders  = Lifelong Readers, Ms. Jones, Charlotte Wood Middle School
Open Up the World to My Students Through Books!, Ms. Raney, Rancho Romero Elementary School
Paying it Forward, Ms. Teslich Haaverson, California High School
Ping Pong Fun, Mr. Johnson, Gale Ranch Middle School
Play in Tune! (E), Ms. Hoover, Windemere Ranch Middle School
Poem Books for Literature Circles, Ms. Teslich Haaverson, California High School
Precise Percussionists (E), Mrs. Edington, Diablo Vista Middle School
Raising Awareness …  Social Issues in Books, Mrs. Nguyen, Windemere Ranch Middle School
Read All About It!, Mrs. Johnson, Iron Horse Middle School
Reading for Societal Awareness, Mr. Scioscia, Pine Valley Middle School
Score with Soccer!!, Mr. Kyriacou, Walt Disney Elementary School
Small Hands Build Great Minds With “Loose Parts” in TK (E), Ms. Ellman, Country Club Elementary School
Social Justice Books to Increase Diversity in Our Collection, Mrs. Volenec, Stone Valley Middle School
Social Studies Weekly – a Fun Way to Learn, Ms. Beem, Alamo Elementary School
Spread Kindness With Supplies for Kinder and First Graders!, Ms. Kassi, Creekside Elementary School
Spruce Up Our Classroom Library!, Mrs. Alms, Rancho Romero Elementary School
STEAM Engaged Learners (E), Mrs. Webster, Coyote Creek Elementary School
Storybook STEM, Mrs. Dotson, Rancho Romero Elementary School
Students Need Books for Clubs, Mrs. D., Charlotte Wood Middle School
We Are Authors: Blank Books to Inspire Our Stories, Mrs. Frank, Walt Disney Elementary School
We Love Non-Fiction Books!, Mrs. Frank, Walt Disney Elementary School
We Read to Know that We’re Not Alone, Ms. Tully, Iron Horse Middle School

Note: Grants with an (E ) were funded by the SRVEF Endowment Committee.

The DonorsChoose outreach slides (in the link below) provides an overview of their organization, as well as a step-by-step look at submitting a project.
See these FAQs for additional information

For more information, email [email protected]