SRVEF Announces 2022 Grant Awards

The San Ramon Valley Education Foundation (SRVEF) is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2022 Teacher Grants. Once again, SRVEF partnered with  As a result of matching funds and external donations, SRVEF funded ALL ELIGIBLE grants.

This year, SRVEF has awarded 151 grants totaling $34,456.12, including 24 music and science grants funded by the SRVEF Endowment Committee.

Because of a generous match from an anonymous donor, we were able to expand our eligibility requirements, funding grants that were submitted as early as August 1st and as recent as November 28, 2022. 33 schools had one or more grants funded by SRVEF.  125 Teachers had at least one grant funded, while some were funded multiple times.

The SRVEF Grant Program is funded primarily through proceeds from the Run for Education and the Auction for Education.  The Endowment Grant Program is funded through our annual donation drive and annual recognition lunch, Celebrate Innovation in Education.

Unfunded teacher grants will remain active on the DonorsChoose website for approximately two more months during which time the grants may continue to receive external funding, including funding from individual and corporate donors, and matching fund donors. If a grant is not fully funded by the expiration date, any external money pledged is returned to the donor.  Grants that still require funding may be reviewed by clicking here.  

All funded SRVUSD Grants may be reviewed on the Site are available by clicking here.

Please see the list below for the 2022 recipients. Any questions may be directed to [email protected].

School Teacher Grant Title
Alamo Elementary Ms. Sicat Studying & Creating Art in TK*
Alamo Elementary Mr. Ridley 3D Printing Maker projects for future engineers !!!*
Alamo Elementary Ms. Fettig Making Music in 3rd Grade!*
Alamo Elementary Ms. Mayer Books for Beginning Readers
Alamo Elementary Mrs. Cleary Light Exploration
Alamo Elementary Mrs. Byers Emergency Evacuation of Student Medication
Alamo Elementary Ms. Sicat Learning & Playing in TK!
Alamo Elementary Ms. O’Toole Fourth Grade Forays Into Figuring Out the World Around Us.
Alamo Elementary Ms. Gaab Lab Supplies for Elementary Scientists
Alamo Elementary Ms. Bohannan Moving and Playing in Kindergarten!
Alamo Elementary Ms. Summers Educational Materials from TPT for 2nd Graders!
Alamo Elementary Ms. Pavon High Quality Teacher Created Materials for 3rd Graders!
Alamo Elementary Ms. Mayer Teacher Created Educational Materials for 1st Graders!
Alamo Elementary Mrs. Hennon Deepening Student Learning with Teacher Created Materials
Alamo Elementary Ms. H. Academic Support From Teachers Pay Teachers!
Alamo Elementary Ms. Fettig Quality Educational Materials for 2nd Graders!
Alamo Elementary Ms. Barfod Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card
Alamo Elementary Ms. Angeletopoulos Quality Academic Materials for 5th Graders!
Bella Vista Elementary Ms. Armas Meet Me on the Carpet!
Bella Vista Elementary Mrs. Rizzo Chess Club
Bella Vista Elementary Mrs. Rizzo Teachers Support Teachers
Bella Vista Elementary Mrs. Rizzo In Need of a Gathering Place!
Bella Vista Elementary Mrs. Johnson 3rd Grade is Lit!
Bella Vista Elementary Ms. Flournoy Bring Art to Ms. Flournoy’s 4th Grade Class
Bella Vista Elementary Mrs. Singh Collaborate and Create
Bella Vista Elementary Mrs. Lux Diverse Books for the Classroom
Bella Vista Elementary Mrs. Kim Cleaner Air and Comfy Seats Equal  a Pleasant Learning Environment!
Bella Vista Elementary Mrs. C Magnificent Magna-Tiles
Bella Vista Elementary Mrs. Kim Understanding History Through the Characters’ Eyes in Historical Fiction Books
Bollinger Canyon Elementary Mrs. Han A Welcoming Classroom for All
California High Mrs. Parsons Art Forms in Nature: Exploring Color*
California High Ms. Teslich Haaverson Seating for Learning and Health
California High Ms. Hanna Fun Furniture
Charlotte Wood Middle Mrs. Phillips Speaking and Listening to Create Digital Art*
Charlotte Wood Middle Ms. Hoover Accessorize Our Instruments!*
Charlotte Wood Middle Mrs. Phillips Cool Class Creations to Craftmanship with a Cricut
Charlotte Wood Middle Ms. Jones Graphic Novels Are Great
Charlotte Wood Middle Ms. Guevara Growing to Love Reading Starts with Great Books
Charlotte Wood Middle Mrs. Mock Calling All Book Lovers
Charlotte Wood Middle Ms. Jones Basic Supplies with a Big Purpose
Country Club Elementary Mrs. Webster STEAM Deep Learning and Innovation*
Country Club Elementary Ms. Saidian Country Club Communicators!
Country Club Elementary Mrs. Young Light Up Our Learning and Imagination
Country Club Elementary Mrs. Tooliatos The Power of Purposeful Play
Country Club Elementary Mrs. Homen Dramatic Play Is Magic!
Country Club Elementary Ms. Ellman Collaboration Is Magnetic!
Country Club Elementary Mrs. Fisher Supporting our Learning through Brainpop
Country Club Elementary Dr. Yeoman C Pens for Creative Kids!
Del Amigo Ms. Palumbo Plant Library
Diablo Vista Middle Ms. Dowd Makerspace in a 21st Century Library*
Diablo Vista Middle Mrs. Edington Taiko in the Music Room!*
Diablo Vista Middle Mrs. Moen Labs for Learning
Diablo Vista Middle Mrs. Wildy 3D – Print it, Hold it, Use it!
Diablo Vista Middle Mrs. Carrasco Yearbook Class Needs a Printer
Dougherty Valley High Mrs. Basu Climate Sensors for Citizen Scientists*
Dougherty Valley High Mrs. Basu Wonders of Digital Microscopy!*
Dougherty Valley High Ms. Altman Move to the Beat*
Dougherty Valley High Mrs. Warrier Building Community  through Shared Fun!
Dougherty Valley High Mrs. Tuohy Bringing Creativity Outdoors
Dougherty Valley High Mrs. Soliman Savvy Students Seeking Emotional and Physiological Wellbeing
Gale Ranch Middle Mr. Johnson Indoor Hockey FUN
Gale Ranch Middle Ms. Soumya Your Help Matters
Gale Ranch Middle Ms. Doran Narrative Nonfiction Book Clubs
Golden View Elementary Ms. Ogden Bee-Bots Exciting Labs!
Golden View Elementary Ms. Zakia Making Sense of Sensory Needs!
Golden View Elementary Mrs. Fabro Help Students Grow and Learn Through Dramatic Play!
Golden View Elementary Mrs. Morris Looking Back to Look Forward
Golden View Elementary Ms. Wright Inclusive TKers Have Fun!!
Golden View Elementary Mrs. Morris Ready, Set, Focus!
Greenbrook Elementary Mrs. Jasmine Pretend Play to Build Speech and Language Skills
Greenbrook Elementary Mrs. Bass Pre-K Classroom Fun
Greenbrook Elementary Mrs. Dasani Dyslexia Learning
Greenbrook Elementary Ms. Kirsten Kaboom! – Let’s Make Speech Fun & Motivating!
Greenbrook Elementary Mrs. Bass Sensory FUN in Pre-K!
Greenbrook Elementary Ms. Raine Preschoolers Play Their Way to Strong Fine Motor Skills
Greenbrook Elementary Mrs. R. Indoor Recess Blues? No, We Got This!
Greenbrook Elementary Ms. Nikki Special Education Pre-K Fun!
Greenbrook Elementary Mrs. Jasmine Toys & Manipulatives to Support Communication
Greenbrook Elementary Mrs. Jasmine Communication Materials from Teachers Pay Teachers
Hidden Hills Elementary Ms. Ocampo Seeing Myself In Our Classroom Library!
Hidden Hills Elementary Mrs. Montag Reaching Readers With Graphic Novels
Hidden Hills Elementary Mrs. Montag Supporting Classroom Jobs!
Hidden Hills Elementary Ms. Fredrickson Strength Lies in Our Differences – Representation Matters!
Iron Horse Middle Mrs. Martin Makerspace for a 21st Century Library!*
Iron Horse Middle Ms. Granger New Books for a New Year!
Iron Horse Middle Mrs. Lowe Desks on Demand!
Iron Horse Middle Ms. Raines Hear Our Voices!
Iron Horse Middle Ms. Granger Books Galore!
John Baldwin Elementary Mr. Livoti Music Supplies for JB*
John Baldwin Elementary Mr. Livoti Music at Montevideo*
John Baldwin Elementary Mrs. DiGiovanni Flex Seating for our Classroom
John Baldwin Elementary Mrs. DiGiovanni Wiggle, Flex, and Listen Up!
John Baldwin Elementary Mrs. Kolokithas Art supplies are needed to help express our imagination
Live Oak Elementary Ms. Sandra Adaptive Art Center for Special Needs Preschool
Live Oak Elementary Teacher Liddle Please Help Our Little Ones!
Live Oak Elementary Mrs. Howard Growing Gardens & Growing Minds
Los Cerros Middle Ms. Luu Building Bonds!*
Los Cerros Middle Mrs. Garibay More Books = Happy Students
Los Cerros Middle Mrs. Garibay Classroom Refresh and Coloring Supplies
Montair Elementary Mrs. Fitzgerald Scholastic News? Yes, Please!
Montair Elementary Ms. Martin Privacy for Progress
Montair Elementary Ms. Fischer Science of Reading Resources to Develop Rockstar Readers
Montair Elementary Mrs. Adas Engaging Students with BrainPOP
Monte Vista High Mr. Cloyd “Cymbal” of success*
Montevideo Elementary Mrs. Pruitt Choice Time STEAM & Art Creations*
Montevideo Elementary Mrs. Hayden Deeper Learning About Animals*
Montevideo Elementary Mrs. Chamberlin STEM Exploration for K-5 Scientists*
Montevideo Elementary Mrs. Bond Learning Accessories for Light Table
Montevideo Elementary Mrs. Lemmon Powering Up My Classroom Library
Montevideo Elementary Mrs. Hayden Social Skills, Friendship and Emotions
Neil Armstrong Elementary Ms. Khoury Welcoming and Flexible Resource Classroom
Neil Armstrong Elementary Mrs. Cogorno Flexible Seating to Engage All Learners
Quail Run Elementary Ms. C Bins, Caddies, & Boxes, Oh My!
Quail Run Elementary Ms. Urquhart A Diverse and Wonderful Library
Quail Run Elementary Mrs. Jain Diverse Books and Prize Box Additions
Quail Run Elementary Mrs. Schreiber Organization Station!
Quail Run Elementary Mrs. Sealock Time to design and personalize
Quail Run Elementary Ms. Flenar Chinese Culture Enrichment Opportunity
Rancho Romero Elementary Ms. Smith Say “Hi (to) Ya” Because Recorders Are Back!*
Rancho Romero Elementary Mr. Hicks Making Math Fun!
Rancho Romero Elementary Mrs. Alms Promoting Financial Literacy and Positive Behavior With a Classroom Store
Rancho Romero Elementary Ms. Raney Stimulating Creativity through Art
San Ramon Valley High Mr. Williams Glaze Stocking*
Stone Valley Middle Mrs. Volenec New Books Display
Stone Valley Middle Mrs. Volenec More Social Justice Books Please
Stone Valley Middle Ms. Stodola Historical Fiction and Snacks for Inquisitive 8th-Grade Learners
Stone Valley Middle Ms. Mehta Develop Reading Comprehension Skills Through High-Interest Nonfiction Books
Stone Valley Middle Ms. Kim Read, Share, and Collaborate in our Classroom Library
Sycamore Elementary Ms. Benz First Grade Full of STEAM
Sycamore Elementary Mrs. Crosthwait Steam supplies for learning Engagement
Sycamore Valley Elementary Mrs. Crosthwait Social Emotional Learning Through Journaling
Tassajara Hills Elementary Ms. Hunter Books That Students Can See Themselves In
Twin Creeks Elementary Mrs. Wilmott With Books We Discover
Twin Creeks Elementary Ms. Baron Book Clubs!
Twin Creeks Elementary Mrs. Berg Regulate Emotions in the Calming Corner
Twin Creeks Elementary Mrs. Cleary Time to Explore
Twin Creeks Elementary Mrs. Cleary TK Supplies
Twin Creeks Elementary Ms. McQuiston Supplies for Super Students!
Vista Grande Elementary Mrs. Estrada Toys for TK Hands
Vista Grande Elementary Mrs. N Hildebrand Personal Empowerment Through Flexible Seating Choices
Walt Disney Elementary Mrs. Frank Leveled Library Books!
Walt Disney Elementary Mrs. Jenkins Spreading Holiday Cheer
Walt Disney Elementary Mrs. Frank Learning Empathy and Compassion with Books and Art
Walt Disney Elementary Mrs. Matkins Building and Reading
Walt Disney Elementary Ms. Saxer Flexible Seating for All
Walt Disney Elementary Mr. Kyriacou Get the Ball Rolling in PE!
Walt Disney Elementary Mrs. Frank Flexible Seating for All!
Windemere Ranch Middle Mr. Patel 3D Printing Fun and Learning!*
Windemere Ranch Middle Ms. Garrahan Comfy Corner to Read
Windemere Ranch Middle Mrs. Nguyen Making History Come Alive Through Books
Windemere Ranch Middle Ms. Garrahan What’s your Genre

Note: Grants with an ( * ) were funded by the SRVEF Endowment Committee.

The DonorsChoose outreach slides (in the link below) provides an overview of their organization, as well as a step-by-step look at submitting a project.
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