Long Term Innovative Programs

2020-2021 Programs Funded by the Endowment

Professional Development – This initiative will provide high quality teacher training to SRVUSD Staff. It will enhance not only their teaching strategies but also the students’ learning experiences in both remote and in-person learning settings. This will support our educators even after the pandemic ends.

Science Kits – Hands-on science education is difficult in a remote learning environment. By providing grade-level appropriate kits to our youngest science learners, they will have the much needed materials for in-home science experiments. These materials will encourage a love for science while remote learning and allowing students much needed time away from the computer screen.

Science Alliance – Science Alliance is an after-school program to pair curious fifth grade students (buddies) with high school students (mentors). The mentor encourages and guides their buddy on a journey of science and methodical inquiry, under the careful guidance of a credentialed teacher at one of the high schools. Science Alliance helps prepare the fifth graders for middle school lab science and teaches positive role-modeling skills to high school mentors. The program concludes with a district-wide science fair where buddies share the project that they worked on throughout the program. 

Generation Citizen – Generation Citizen provides high school teachers with the curriculum, training, and support for teaching real-world civics participation – leading to actively involved high school students. Students select and work on a real issue of their choosing and gain valuable experience in working with lawmakers to effect change. This program was piloted in 2019-2020 at one high school and will be expanded in 2020-2021.


In addition to the above programs, SRVEF, working with the Endowment Committee and SRVUSD Staff, is very pleased to continue to support the innovative Music programs started in 2018 as well as continue to expand the Integrated Maker Education within the California High School feeder pattern.

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