2022/2023 Winners

We are pleased to announce the 2022-2023 Science Fair winners:


First Place Winner:

Pranav Thottempudi – Rusting Rate Based on pH Levels

Second Place Winner:

Alexa Feldman – Does It Matter If You Forget An Ingredient While Baking Cookies?

Third Place Winner:

Laasya Madhav – Borax Crystals

Honorable Mention:

Pranav Warrier – Designing Solar Powered Planes


Aayush Anand – Sparkling Gems
Aditi Bhagavatula – The Effect of Water pH on Plant Height
Soren Bjaanes-Kwan – Flying beans
Yahvi Dhawan – Plastic Bottle Rocket
Emily Eddy – Boba Spherification
Stella Elwin – The Great Volcano Eruptions
Hanalei Epstein – Elephant Toothpaste: Baking Soda Volcano 2.0
Rylee Huynh – How does an egg float in salt water?
Darren Kumar – Glitter BOOM Bomb
Kadence Lai – Bath Bomb Science

A big Thank You to our Science Alliance advisors:

Minu Basu
Shirley Darroch
Matthew Robison
Oliver Tuggle
Lakshmi Warrier

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