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Our Impact

SRVEF contributes to a variety of programs that are both organic (Imagineering) and existing, such the Science and Math Initiatives, benefiting all children within the San Ramon Valley Unified School District.

INTEGRATED MAKER EDUCATION Maker Education connects academic learning with real world learning through hands-on projects and problem solving opportunities. Teachers promote interactive, inquiry-based learning to motivate students to be more engaged and better thinkers.

In 2016, the Klau Family provided start-up funding to explore an integrated maker education program. In 2018, five years of seed funding was gifted by the Klau Family to SRVEF for a pilot of Integrated Maker Education in the Cal High feeder pattern. SRVEF, in partnership with the San Ramon Valley Unified School District, will manage and explore this project as a pilot for ideas that could be expanded and funded through outside donations. This program has a long-term goal to expand beyond California High School feeder pattern.

Additional funding for the 2018-19 school year has been provided by the SRVEF Endowment Committee, school affiliates, and parent donations at each site.

SCIENCE INITIATIVEFor the past 8 years, The San Ramon Valley Education Foundation has funded the K-12 Science Initiative that has increased science literacy for all students and increased the number of students who pursue careers in mathematics, science and engineering. Through the purchase of materials, funding for science fairs and field trips and professional development for our 23 science specialists in the district, we have made great progress toward these goals. In their inaugural year as participants in the Contra Costa County Science and Engineering Fair, students from the SRVUSD completed a remarkable sweep of the Grand Sweepstakes Awards in both the junior and senior divisions. SRVUSD students captured the top three awards in both divisions, qualifying them to participate in both the California State Science Fair and the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. The six winners led an impressive overall showing by SRVUSD students that included 113 place winners and award recipients.

MATH INITIATIVEThe San Ramon Valley Education Foundation invests heavily in professional development for math teachers in our district. We believe math is a subject any child can excel in when given the proper instruction. In 2016, SRVEF invested $140,000 in professional development to help teachers prepare students to perform well in the annual CAASP exam. Results are in and our investment was a good one!

SCHOOL GRANTSThis past spring we awarded $43,700 in school grants as part of our Educator Grant Awards program. The goal was to encourage collaboration at a school site and to challenge schools to touch all of their students with this grant money. The Grant application submission window is closed for school year 2014-15.

INDIVIDUAL EDUCATOR GRANT PROGRAMIn addition to our school grants, we awarded an additional $48,000 to individual teachers who applied for classroom grants for everything from technology to classroom supplies to professional development. Grants were evaluated based on relevance, the number of students touched, and attention to 21st Century Learning in the classroom. We are very proud of our educators and the effort they put into preparing our children to be competitive in this rapidly changing environment.