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SRVEF and Endowment Committee “Teacher Grants” window opens September 24th, 2021

The San Ramon Valley Education Foundation (SRVEF) and The Endowment Committee in partnership with DonorsChoose are pleased to announce that the 2021 Teacher Grant Program will open at midnight on Friday, September 24th, 2021.

DonorsChoose is a nonprofit organization that connects public school educators in need of classroom materials and experiences with donors from throughout the country who want to help. 

In order to encourage teachers to continue to apply and seek funding from all sources, we will not close the grant window until all eligible grants are funded or our funding is exhausted. SRVEF will begin reviewing Grants on November 1st and will attempt to fund as many grants as funding allows. If matching funds become available from a Donors Choose partner before November 1st, 2021, SRVEF may choose to fund some grants early to take advantage of matching funds.

SRVEF's goal is to see as many grants funded through as many sources as possible during the grant window.

While teachers may submit multiple grant requests through DonorsChoose, SRVEF's policy is to generally fund no more than one grant per teacher. However, submitting more than one grant may lead to a higher probability of funding by DonorsChoose partners as well as SRVEF. If you have more than one great idea, submitting multiple grants is encouraged!

Posting an eligible project does not guarantee funding. 

To get started, read through the Grant Criteria and Selection Information below to ensure your project is eligible for this offer. Then visit www.donorschoose.org to start your project today. 

Grant Criteria: 

  • You must be:
    • A certified PreK-12 public school teacher.
    • Employed by San Ramon Valley Unified School District (SRVUSD).
    • If you team/co-teach or have questions about whether you qualify to submit a grant, please contact grants@srvef.org
  • Grant must not exceed $600 including taxes, shipping, fees, and the suggested donation to support DonorsChoose (TOTAL PROJECT GOAL).
  • Grant must be reviewed and approved by your site administrator before being submitted.
  • Must be submitted no sooner than September 24th, 2021. (Posting early increases chances of being fully funded from other external sources!) Note: Begin your submission early as grant content and purchases must be approved through DonorsChoose before you may completely submit.


Selection Information:

Teachers may submit grants in any area they choose, however SRVEF will not be funding grants in projects that request:  

  • Flexible Seating
  • Devices - iPads, Chromebooks, computers
  • Professional Development 
  • Field Trips 

Teachers may submit multiple grants. While SRVEF may only fund one grant per teacher, many grants may be funded during the grant window by other donors. 

  • Projects may be submitted in all subject areas.
  • SRVEF Endowment Committee may give additional consideration to long-term, innovative activities/programs and professional development grants in K-8 Vocal and Instrumental Music and K-12 Science. 
  • Chromebooks, iPads, laptops, or such devices for teacher or student use will not be considered by SRVEF in this grant cycle. However, if other technology is being requested, please consult the school district’s policies related to classroom technology, prior to making a funding request http://www.srvusd.net/ordering.  
  • Teachers who order 10+ books of the same title must have Board approval for curriculum materials. (Check with Educational Services for the approved list and approval process.)  
  • Approved Grants will have materials shipped to the SRVUSD warehouse and routed to the appropriate schools.  


Important Dates:

Friday, September 24th, 2021 

  • Teachers can begin submitting projects on Friday, September 24th, 2021.


Monday, November 1st, 2021

  • SRVEF will begin reviewing and funding eligible Grants.
  • Teachers will be notified immediately when their grant is funded. 
  • If the grant is not funded early in the process, final status of any remaining grants will be at the end of December.
  • NOTE: If a Donors Choose Partner is offering a match, SRVEF may fund grants earlier than November 1st, 2021 to extend our funding and to fund more grants.
Your Guide to Success
DonorsChoose Educator Grants
These DonorsChoose outreach slides provide an overview of their organization, as well as a step-by-step look at submitting a project.
See these FAQs for additional information
For more information, email grants@srvef.org