The San Ramon Valley Education Foundation (SRVEF) is pleased to announce that 118 grants totalling $67,000 have been awarded to San Ramon Valley Unified School District as part of the Foundation’s partnership with and SRVEF endowment. The grants include four grants for music and seven for science through the SRVEF endowment.

Almost 300 SRVUSD teachers submitted 440 grants this year, more than doubling the number submitted in 2017. By partnering with for the application process, external supporters and external matching funds helped to extend the SRVEF grant funding this year. To see a complete list of SRVEF funded grants, click here.

“We thank the SRVUSD teachers. We know how much work goes into the writing of a grant application and we value the efforts of the staff in developing these applications on behalf of our students,” said Co-President Gary Alpert. “We appreciate all that everyone did to support the 35th annual Run for Education and the Rotary Club of San Ramon Auction for Education. These two events are our major fundraisers. It is because of staff, student, parent and community participation as well as the support of our sponsors that we are able to offer such a strong grants program that supports all schools and students in the district.”
Based on the SRVEF funding criteria, grants requesting technology such as iPads and Chromebooks were not eligible for SRVEF funding since the Technology Initiative provided funding to all schools in 2017 for student devices.

Unfunded teacher grants will remain active on the website for a few weeks during which time the grants may continue to receive external funding. If a grant is not fully funded by the expiration date (expiration dates range from December 29 to February 20, 2019), any external money pledged is returned to the donor. SRVEF will share the list of unfunded grants with school principals and encourage them to approve those that could be funded by their school Ed Funds.
Items to be purchased for the teacher grants through are fulfilled by and sent to the warehouse for distribution. This process has eliminated the need to order and ship items through the district’s purchase order system, and the necessary follow up by district staff; in fact, most teachers have already received their granted items.

Grants Awarded:
School Teacher Grant Title
Alamo Elementary Beem Classroom Essentials for Effective Classes
Alamo Elementary Fettig We Wonder With Wonder Workshop
Alamo Elementary Hegarty Science Is All Around Us -- Let's Go Find It!
Alamo Elementary Inkabi Build a Classroom Library for a Lifetime Love of Reading
Alamo Elementary Scott Learning at My Level
Bella Vista Elem Brown Bugs, Bugs, and More Bugs!
Bella Vista Elem Downey Engaging Bodies & Minds Through Singing, Moving & Playing!
Bella Vista Elem Fischer Scientists in the Making
Bella Vista Elem Gilbert Flexible Seating for Special Day Class
Bella Vista Elem Kim Differentiated Math Centers to Meet All Students' Needs & Interests
Bella Vista Elem Singh Fishing for Fractions With Cuisenaire Rods
Bollinger Canyon Elem Lawrence Help Our Young Scientists Discover and Explore Our Natural World!
Bollinger Canyon Elem Rosecrans Hands on Learning! That's How We Learn!
California High Buchenauer O2 Sats Monitors for Freshmen!
California High Manning Equipment for Spectacular Podcasting!
California High Mascote Literacy for All!
California High Mckavish Tools Make the Difference
California High Pacheco Bridging Learning and Leisure Through a Classroom Library
Charlotte Wood Middle Johnson Social Issues Book Club Books
Country Club Elem Aguilar Kindergarten Art Museum Showcases the Masters
Country Club Elem Ellman Purposeful, Outdoor Play for TK/K!
Country Club Elem Eustice Mass Matters
Country Club Elem Leidheisl-Balko We Are Reading Chapter Books Now!
Country Club Elem Lindblom Special Needs Students Needing Social/Emotional Books
Country Club Elem Owens Books and More Books!
Country Club Elem Walsh Resource Room Supplies
Country Club Elem Zinke-Zagarella Flexible Seating, Creating Learning Environment for all Learners
Coyote Creek Elem Garnett Books, Books, and More Books
Coyote Creek Elem Hallworth Wobble Stools Allow Movement to Maximize Learning!
Coyote Creek Elem Johnson Understanding Native Californians and Understanding Ourselves
Coyote Creek Elem Magill From Abstract to Concrete-Making Math FUN & Engaging!
Coyote Creek Elem O'Loane Wiggle and Write
Coyote Creek Elem Osicki Working Together to Build and Grow
Coyote Creek Elem Webster Sensational STEM: Learning for Inquisitive Minds
Coyote Creek Elem Wong Authors as Role Models
Coyote Creek Elem Young Let's Get Moving!
Creekside Elem Rhoton Our Cozy Reading Classroom!
Creekside Elem Rieger Flexible Seating and Books Galore
Del Amigo High Falick Help Students Who've Been Slumbering Through Wake-Up
Diablo Vista Middle Dyrness Goggles for Our Scientists
Diablo Vista Middle Edington Percussion Needs
Diablo Vista Middle Wildy See You on the Big Screen!
Dougherty Valley High Ianora Effecting Resiliency Via Mental Health
Dougherty Valley High Knapp Discarding Dingy Displays: Help Beautify Our Library!
Dougherty Valley High Latorra Learn Civics and Political Action Through Play
Gale Ranch Middle Dougherty Engaging Books for Striving Readers
Gale Ranch Middle Giotta Let's Talk About Reading!
Gale Ranch Middle Johnson Curl Up Mat Mania
Gale Ranch Middle Johnson Yoga for All!!
Golden View Elem Banis Books to Bring Out the Reader in Everyone!
Greenbrook Elem Aplanalp First Grade "Genius" Learning with Technology!
Greenbrook Elem Bass Learning Through the Senses
Greenbrook Elem Stalter Stretch into Learning!
Hidden Hills Elem Belding Kindergartners Love Mindfulness and Growth Mindsets With Art
Hidden Hills Elem Pan Paper Circuit and Beyond
Hidden Hills Elem Phillips Matter Matters
Iron Horse Middle Brown Responsibility in the Classroom: Independence through Tuning
Iron Horse Middle Castro Book Clubs to Inspire and Connect
Iron Horse Middle Gonzales Creating Engaged Readers One Novel at a Time
Iron Horse Middle Johnson Building a Diverse Classroom Library
Iron Horse Middle Leal Chevron Fuel my
Iron Horse Middle Stevens Reading Nook for Rigorous Readers!
John Baldwin Elem Casotti A Place For Us!
John Baldwin Elem Elkin Real News: Keeping Kids Informed and Curious about Current Events.
John Baldwin Elem Goldsworthy The Value of a Couch in a Classroom Is Priceless!
John Baldwin Elem Kolokithas "Time for Kids" for ALL Second Graders
John Baldwin Elem Price Fun and Flexible Seating Choices for All!
Live Oak Elementary Green Comfortable, Flexible Seating Options for Engaged Learners!
Live Oak Elementary Liddle Special Education Pre Needs Your Help!
Live Oak Elementary Maul Flexible Seating Optimizes Classroom Learning
Live Oak Elementary Norris We Like to Move It!
Los Cerros Middle Ferreira Take a Stand for Music
Los Cerros Middle Tyler Middle Martians Design Human Rovers for Mars
Los Cerros Middle Walsh "Ear-esistible" Classroom Learning
Montair Elementary Espinoza Diverse Options for Flexible Learners
Montair Elementary Knott Building a Culturally Responsive and Inclusive Classroom Library
Monte Vista High Dolim Fresh Books for Growing Readers
Monte Vista High Slipka Lucky Library
Monte Vista High Zhebel Experiencing Colorful Images Simply with Words of Black and White
Montevideo Elem Blanc Collaboration and Community Tables to Grow Careful Classroom Learners
Montevideo Elem Evonc Every Child Should See Themself in a Book!
Montevideo Elem Lemmon Magical Math Games!
Montevideo Elem Pruitt Flexible Seating Choices to Engage and Empower Students
Montevideo Elem Sexton Coding is Elementary. Let's Get Started!
Montevideo Elem Wald Full STEAM Ahead Into Learning
Neil Armstrong Elem Cogorno Powering Up and Banding Together
Neil Armstrong Elem Gaddis Book and Materials Bins
Neil Armstrong Elem Mckee-Schulman Reading/Writing Station for Upcoming Authors
Neil Armstrong Elem O'Donnell Beats From the Heart Like Beats From a Soulful Tune
Neil Armstrong Elem O'Donnell Let's Keep Moving!
Neil Armstrong Elem Paddock A Window Into Life
Neil Armstrong Elem Slocum Flexible Seating for Better Learning!
Neil Armstrong Elem Tye Book Boxes and Boards
Neil Armstrong Elem Wetherell Full STEAM Ahead!
Pine Valley Middle Fenstermacher If You Build it They Will Come
Pine Valley Middle Herrera Making Food Science Fun With Hands on Materials
Pine Valley Middle Nair Design With Purpose And Function
Pine Valley Middle Vargas Rolling to Spanish Proficiency
Quail Run Elementary Fernsten Wiggly, Wobbly, Learning is Fun!
Quail Run Elementary Krolikowski Ms. Louda's Flexible Seating Bonanza
Quail Run Elementary Williams Flexible Seating for Small Group Instruction!
Rancho Romero Elem Kraft TK Students Learn About Their Feelings!
San Ramon Valley High Winkler Lasting Reading Lives
Stone Valley Middle Loomer Music Appreciation Is Making Their Own Sounds!
Stone Valley Middle Ogden Rejuvenate with a Reading Library
Stone Valley Middle Pfann Math Manipulative for Mathematical Minds
Stone Valley Middle Slomowitz Cozy Classroom Library
Stone Valley Middle Volenec Happy Reading for Happy Students
Sycamore Valley Elem Crosthwait Let's Get Moving! Physical Education in the Classroom
Twin Creeks Elem Venierakis Books for Brainy Kids
Vista Grande Elem Ingamells Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader
Vista Grande Elem Montevago STEM Morning Tubs
Vista Grande Elem Oneill Literature for Our Classroom
Vista Grande Elem Starkie An Enlightening Experience With SRVEF Help
Walt Disney Elem Ashton Fuel My Class With Music, Chevron!
Walt Disney Elem Schnarr Chevron, Please Help Fuel My With Flexible Seating!
Windemere Ranch Middle Patel Learning at High Levels With Video!
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