2020/2021 Winners

We are pleased to announce the 2020-2021 Science Fair winners:


First Place Winner:

Madison Tom – Protecting you from the plume

Second Place Winner:

Dylan Tambuwun – Water Desalination

Third Place Winner:

Jacob Roytfeld – Rubber-Band Rocket


Mariana Bron – How Soil Affects Cosmo Growth
Akhil Chaudhari -Safe & Sound Crash Defense
Shaurya Chavan – Jumbo Crystals
Kayleigh Fong – Distance Through the Sky
Nikhil Gujral – Veggie Power!
Smayna Kasibhotla – Solar Powered Water Heater
Yusef Keen – Completing a Roller Coaster Loop
Rithika Kiran Sreepriya – Get Stained!
Joel Minocha – How Long a Car Can Be Powered by Solar Energy!
Julien Natzinger – Bristlebot Race
Caleb Planas – What Are the Effects of Food When Left Out In the Environment
Mitul Praasanth – Aerodynamics of a Disc
Arhaan Reddy – The Aeronautic Airmobile
Jonah Russell – The Jar That Sparked It All
Ayush Sarkar – Magnet Mouth
Jackson Shackelford – Static Electricity Conductors
Sidney Wang – That’s The Way I Roll!

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