2019/2020 Winners

We are pleased to announce the 2019-2020 Science Fair winners:


First Place Winners:

Sharanya Roy – Sight vs. Sound
Samraat Chauhan – Awesome Rockets!!

Second Place Winners:

Sachika Kamath – CUBEIT
Sahaana Vasudevan – Soil Erosion in Action

Third Place Winners:

Moksha Pedaballi – Lights and Heights
Ayaan Krishnan – Various liquids vs pH of pond water


Deen Kapadia – Rolling Sky
Trevor Lee – The Sun’s Energy Varies Depending on the Time of Day
Shaurya Chauhan – What is the best way to keep cut flowers fresh?
Aditi Vinapamula – When Plants Feed Plants
Aman Katepally – The Elements Of Football
Aashvi Singh – Vitamin C of Oranges in Different Temperature Conditions

Honorable Mentions:

Vishal Krishnaraj – Effects of different liquids on plant growth
Varun Bidhurakanthu – Plant Power
Abby Lau – Which Liquid Makes the Gummy Bears Grow the Biggest?
Michael Myint – What makes your car go?
Nicholas Huang – Light It Up
Arya Mapara – How Salty To Be!
Max Burgess – Does Soda Affect How High a Water Rocket Flies
Kaitlyn Chew – Sweet Science
Kai Grondona – Do Plant’s Roots Grow Toward the Sound of Water
Anika Prasad – Does water temperature affect Jell-O?
Jake Kwok – Does the surface of a rubber band car’s track affect its speed?
Jeyavanth Subhash – There is Acid in the Rain!

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