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Long-term Innovative Programs

CURRENT LONG-TERM INNOVATIVE EDUCATION PROGRAMS THAT ARE BEING FUNDED BY INCOME FROM THESE ENDOWED FUNDS INCLUDE:This year we launch our Music Initiative for elementary choral music. We fund grants to encourage elementary schools to either begin oral music instruction nor to enhance it all grade levels.

In addition due to an exceptionally generous grant from InMusic, our secondary schools have the opportunity to apply for state of the art music technology for students to learn an instrument as well as to write, mix and perform their own musical compositions.The Science Initiative supports professional development for our science teachers and enrichment activities for our students. Stan Hitomi, Alamo School Principal, Science Initiative Coordinator, and the founder of our Imagineering program, oversees the Science Initiative. Some of the Science Initiative projects are:

Summer internships for district science teachers at the Teacher Research Academy at Lawrence Livermore National Labs supports teachers who attend academies in areas such as Biotech, Computer Modeling, and Astrophysics.

Imagineering, an after school enrichment program for students, includes sessions in areas such as Biotech, Robotics, 3D Printing, and coding. Students and teachers receive support to participate in the Contra Costa County Science Fair.

At the Resource Area for Teaching (RAFT), we give our teachers a stipend to spend on classroom resources to enrich their instruction of our students.

Our Endowment Fund for several years provided sustained support for the Silicon Valley Math Initiative (SVMI) at every school site to train teacher/coaches who in turn mentor and support teachers at their school. The training involves learning various strategies to improve instructional practice. In addition, our teachers use the SVMI’s Mathematics Assessment and Resource Service (MARS), which provides rigorous problem solving and critical thinking assessments closely coordinated with California’s newly adopted Common Core State Standards. Since 1997 this program has had a successful track record of improving student achievement and understanding of higher-level mathematics. It has affected every student in our district, K-12.