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How To Donate

Can I only contribute cash or are there other options?

Working with the East Bay Community Foundation, we can accept a wide range of assets including: closely held stock, S corporation stock, limited partnerships and real estate. We also offer a variety of planned gifts, including charitable lead and remainder trusts.

There are many ways to support the Major Gifts and Endowment Program: A cash contribution A contribution through a will or trust may help fulfill a number of estate planning objectives, including the reduction of federal estate tax liability. A gift of appreciated assets can result in income for the life of the donor or of the donor and spouse and the gift of the remainder to the Endowment Fund upon the donors’ deaths. A donation of an existing or new whole life policy can leverage a donor's contribution. Existing policies provide a tax deduction for their cash value. Premiums for new and existing policies are also tax deductible. Setting up a named fund to honor or memorialize a friend or relative.

We currently have 3 named funds:
The Chad Michael Petsuch Memorial Fund
The Lynne Reardon Memorial Fund
The Marianne Gagen Fund.