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Imagineering Classes



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The SRVEF Imagineering Program offers enrichment classes for SRVUSD students with in-depth science, technology, engineering, art, and math curriculum for students entering 3rd grade through high school. Students are challenged with engaging project based learning activities and encouraged to explore new STEAM topics.

About Our Classes

  • Proceeds from our program go to support SRVUSD wide initiatives 
  • All classes are taught by certificated teachers 
  • We focus on content heavy Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math Curriculum
  • Our mission is to promote STEAM learning in a fun, engaging, and supportive environment
  • Many of our classes partner with community & industry experts to extend the learning opportunity


Click here for Imagineering Registrationbit.ly/srvef_imagineering 


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Scholarships for Imagineering Classes

Email us at imagineering@srvef.org for more information about scholarships.

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  • 3D Printing & Design (3rd - 6th)
  • Learn Beginner French through Music and the Arts (3rd - 6th)
  • Painting with Acrylic Paint and Watercolors (3rd - 6th)
  • Culinary Arts: Technique & Sustainability bringing food from Farm to Table (7th - 9th)
  • Stop Motion Animation - Lights, Camera, Action! (3rd - 6th)
  • Theater Production (3rd - 9th)
  • Amazing Drawing (3rd - 6th)
  • Becoming a Confident Speaker (7th - 9th)
  • Creative Writing & Design (3rd - 6th)
  • Culinary Arts: Baking Basics (3rd - 6th)
  • Culinary Arts: Baking Basics (7th - 9th)
  • The Physics of Roller Coasters (3rd - 6th)
  • Chemistry of Suds, Smells & Bubbles (3rd - 6th)
  • Chemistry Explorers: How Stuff Works (3rd - 6th)
  • Environmental Poetry (3rd - 6th)
  • Environmental Poetry (7th - 9th)
  • Spanish through Storytelling (7th - 9th)
  • Mission to Mars (3rd - 6th)
  • Advanced Biology Hands-On Lab Experience (10th - 12th)
  • Phenomenally Engineered (7th - 9th)
  • Intro to Raspberry Pi (3rd - 6th)
  • Intro to Raspberry Pi (7th - 9th)
  • Intermediate Raspberry Pi (7th - 9th)
  • Raspberry Pi Robotics (7th - 9th)
  • Nature Drawing (where science and art meet at curiosity, on the corner of observation and exploration) (7th - 9th)
  • CSI: The Science of Forensics (3rd - 6th)
  • CSI: The Science of Forensics (7th - 9th)